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Begin your Korean with sounds!

Ringo Annie

Let's start learning with Word Play by learning sounds and fun exercises to improve your language skills!

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LingoAny Words Play

“LingoAny is a linguistic education program created by experts in language therapy and language education to enhance language and brain development.”

Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie


auditory training

Language starts with listening!

We provide 36 story books specialized in individual letter and sounds.

Ringo Annie


learning contents

NO stimulating imagery!

LingoAny continues to motivate learners with functional games.

Ringo Annie

Continuous education with rich contents

15min per day!

The 6-month course shows the miracle of active Korean studies.

Ringo Annie

Smart A.I.

coaching program

Less burden for parents!

Our program offers customized solutions based on student progress.


First stepping stone in

language learning, Words Play

Time for our little ones to start learning?

Already started, but see room for improvements?

Trends for education have changed, unrecognizably?


If so, please check out LingoAny!


begin learning sounds



36 story books are included,

and every book contains the characteristics of each Korean letters.

Children are able to imitate Korean sounds to visualize them in their heads through our auditory recognition training program.

Each book covers an individual Korean letter to maximize the frequency of use to open up eyes and ears to develop phonemic awareness for Korean.


write it yourself! touch & play!

Vocab Building

Spontaneous connection to writing activities

Understand Korean alphabetical order of strokes and develop small muscles by writing matching letters learned via listening.

Train Korean alphabetical order of strokes and develop fine motor control skills by tracing the images from spelling to words.


getting smarter every stage

Functional Games

Ringo Annie


Ringo Annie

Building interests

Children can learn easily and joyfully by themselves.

Systematic learning stages

It is an interactive application that develops with children from 3 to 7-year-olds.

Various brain activities

Develop agility, coordination, space perception, and cognitive ability, as well as problem solving skills.

Exciting games!

It provides professional curriculum and selected contents with no stimulating imagery or addiction to games.


A.I. Technology

Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie

     Check the deficiencies and reflect the factors

that require further learning into the curriculum.

              Personalized learning functions

  Result analysis report & answer pattern analysis

LingoAny A.I. coaching program provides personalized self-learning for children.

Ringo Annie
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