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Fun and fun with the teacher
Exciting Hangul study!

Lingoany in daycare centers, kindergartens and schoolsHangul word play for educational institutions Learn Korean with this version.

RingoAny Smart Korean Learning Package


video lecture

Word play app for teachers

Learn at an educational institution and review at home

If you finish with a brain development game, your child will complete Hangul!

Tablet service for Hangul word

play teachers

  • Unlimited personal accounts can be created for each teacher.

  • Manage custom curriculum through your account

All contents of the Hangul Word Play app

Always available

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  • Unlimited personal accounts can be created for each teacher.

  • Manage custom curriculum through your account

Account screen.jpg

Independent account for each teacher

Create and manage curriculum

Curriculum home screen.jpg

Language diagnosis function

  • Pronunciation accuracy function

  • Diagnostic assessment of language comprehension

  • Speech rehabilitation after primary institution self-diagnosis
    Providing customized feedback service in connection with experts

동영상 강의.jpg
  • 36 Korean letters from ㄱ to ㅢ
    Study Guide Videos

  • Quiz activity-based word comprehension training

36 Hangul Word Play Activity Book

Provides video lectures directly from the author

Hangul curriculum selection screen_3.jpg
  • Word viewing, letter writing, puzzles, ball throwing,
    Sound guessing, quizzes, ladder games, etc.

  • A total of 15 learning activities as desired by the teacher.
    Curriculum can be set in this way

Designed by teachers themselves

Personalized Curriculum

image (1).png
  • The first Hangul play and Hangul word play Includes all words

  • Capable of learning image and word matching

Includes animation and sound

Picture word dictionary by type

Ringo Annie

A special teacher space for Hangul word play teachers


[Create account]

Depending on teacher/class
Unlimited account creation possible


[Language diagnosis]

Receptive language ability assessment

Provide diagnostic evaluation for


[Watch video]

A total of 36 Hangul word games
Direct lecture video provided by the author


[Customized training]

Designed directly by the teacher 
Customized Hangul Curriculum


[Data Management]

After designing each teacher’s curriculum, save and load it,

Recent Curriculum

Ready to learn


[Image word dictionary]

Animation by type

composed of images
Picture word dictionary function


[Learning activities]

Seeing words, writing letters, 
3 types of puzzles, ball toss,
Guess the sound, 4 types of quizzes
A total of 32 types of activities can be designed

getting smarter every stage

Functional Games

Ringo Annie
Institutional_icon image.png
Ringo Annie


Building interests

Children can learn easily and joyfully by themselves.

Step-by-step learning curriculum

We provide a step-by-step learning program from ages 6 to 10 to improve language learning skills based on knowledge of English sounds.

Various brain activities

Develop agility, coordination, space perception, and cognitive ability, as well as problem solving skills.

Exciting games!

It provides professional curriculum and selected contents with no stimulating imagery or addiction to games.

Hangul Learning Workbook

For 3-5 years old

Volume 1 cover.PNG
Volume 2 cover.PNG

2 volume set

Shared in kindergarten and daycare center

For 5-7 years old

3 volume set cover_mockup.png

​3 volume set

Kindergarten recommended

12 volume set.png

12 volume set

Daycare center recommended


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