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Tap! Tap! 

Experience the world

of language education!

Ringo Annie

Time to expand vocabulary?

Catch both Korean and English at the same time.

Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie

​Check Point

LingoAny Words TabTab

“LingoAny is a linguistic education program created by experts in language therapy and language education to enhance language and brain development.”

Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie


word study

Syllable for Korean & Phoneme for English!

Learn Korean and English in a proper way.

Ringo Annie

Imaginative word combinations

Mix of adjectives and nouns!

Learn the order of

words naturally.

Ringo Annie

Hands-on creative activities

DIY word-making!

Increase creativity with self-motivation and open learning.

Ringo Annie

Exciting study exercises

Own what you learn!

Improve memory with repetitive word learning.

Tap your way into self-learning! Words TapTap

Ringo Annie

Time for our little ones to start learning?

Already started, but see room for improvements?

Trends for education have changed, unrecognizably?

If so, please check out LingoAny!

Ringo Annie

Learning Korean and English through sounds

tap with your fingers,

Parents don’t need to be around all the time!

It opens the door to self-directed learning with an easy touch.

It is an intensive auditory stimulation program to help match each sound of letter to create words.










Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie

Word Order Training

various combinations of adjectives and nouns

Phrase-oriented & extended learning via word experiences

Learn HOW to utilize words that extends to phrase combinations,

rather than knowing single words.

We provide deep vocab study that extends to hundreds

of phrases by combining nouns and adjectives.

Learn the sense of word order naturally with the infinite word combination!!

Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie

Self-Directed Word Combinations

develop power of expression


Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie
Pink cat.png

Learn 44 adjectives & 108 nouns individually,

then learn to combine each word to create a new word.

Children can engage in creative activities to enrich vocabulary by themselves

through the infinite word combination.

Word combination not only improves vocabulary

but also helps to learn the sense of word order naturally.

own what you learn,

Quiz Exercises

Memory-enhancing brain teasers

Ringo Annie
Ringo Annie

It is designed to naturally induce repetitive learning and brain training to learn languages in an entertaining way by brain teasers and quiz exercises.

Ringo Annie
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